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FOCUSfactor Dietary Supplement 150 Tablets, America’s #1 Selling Brain Supplement, Supports and Maintains Memory, Concentration, and Focus.

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Increase memory
improve brain function
increase attention length

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The FOCUSfactor¢ç Formulation The nutrients and proprietary neuro-boosters in FOCUSfactor¢ç are the key to the FOCUSfactor¢ç formulation. Our supplement contains patent-pending ingredients that Improve memory, concentration, and focus. For example, FOCUSfactor¢ç contains natural beta-carotene such as that found in raw vegetables. This is vital because natural beta-carotene provides a whole family of carotenoids. Natural vitamin E, derived from the soybean, is included in the formula relatively than the cheaper synthetic version. There are also six separate forms of vitamin C in FOCUSfactor¢ç, and three different sources of magnesium from malate, citrate and taurinate. FOCUSfactor¢ç also contains proprietary neuro-boosters that help Improve your memory. These are listed on the label under the heading, “istic and proprietary formulation” and include: ?DMAE, a natural substance found in fish. ?Botanical extracts, such as Bacopa, Huperzine and Vinpocetine. ?DHA, crucial omega-3 fatty acid. Things You Can Do To Help Improve Your Memory ?Feed your brain ceaselessly with fresh vegetables and fruit and high-quality protein from chicken, fish and/or tofu. ?Light to moderate physical exercise supports s circulation and blood float to your brain. Even walking for 20-30 minutes a day helps. ?Exercise your mind. Take up a new hobby, play word games like crossword puzzles, or read a book. ?Get enough sleep. On average, 8 hours per night is advisable to let your brain recharge itself. ?
Increase memory
fortify brain function
increase attention length
natural, protected and effective
Build Brain connections

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1 Pack (300 Tablets Total), One Bottle of 150 Tablets


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